Gorean Male Clothing in Second Life


HonorBound Closed

Well guys..it has actually been a while since I did close honorbound. think its been almost a year not sure. But yea HB is closed.  You may have seen modifcation of my designs popping up in Tigereye Designs, yes it is okay.  We had a business agreement and some of my designs where incorporated.  Anyways, thank you all for your support and see ya in the SL Grid!


New Releases 07/16/2010

Tal Everyone,

I know it has been some time since our last release, I kinda fell off the bandwagon a while back and lost my creative muse..but I am slowly gaining it back.  Thank to the help of the jelly to my peanut butter (or vice versa, we havent figured it out yet) Syngen Sohmers of Sakinah has kicked my ass back into gear….well somewhat, Im rather stubborn.

A Few weeks ago we had a fabulous runway show entitled “harem Nights” and I was able to release some new products for you all, one is called Aswal, a richly beaded desert kilt offered in both long and short versions…and Ensnared, a deviantion from my normal wear as it is a chain kajirus set, fully primed…very hot little number…even an option for a removed covering….*waggles brows*

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy it, and I want to thank everyone who has been loyal to Honorbound, cause frankly without you, there really would be no reason to keep going.  So thank you all very much.

-Frederick Lancaster








Yes we are still open!!

Tal and Greetings All!

Honor Bound is still open for business, in fact we have a new expand store opening early next year (2010). Located in the Silk Oasis, it will be a great one stop shopping experience bringing together 4 designers that specialize in the Gorean/BDSM Market.  Honor Bound, Sakinah Silks, Animations by Selkie and Milady’s Secret.

Keep checking this space for updates as well as a few new releases on the horizon!

-Frederick Lancaster

New Releases 02/08/2008 !!

Tal and Greetings!

Due to requests we have added two new Councilrobes to the line.  introducing the Adminstrators and Ubar Councilmen Robes.


the Admin Robes feature a rich chocolate heavy linen robe, and light gold embordery along the bottom helm and jacket.



The Ubar robe is a delicate balance Between a rich purple burgandy robee with a deep purple stoll.  This beauty also comes with the Ubar’s Mantle.



We have decided to post the pictures of our current inventory our ALL of Caste Kilts for your viewing pleasure!  Enjoy!




New Releases 01/17/2009

Here at Honor Bound we are pleased to annouce our release of the Councilmen’s Robes. Each robe is designed for the male figure.  The robe is made with a heavy linen over coat, metal clasp closure on the jacket. It is embellished with a high collar along with a neck drape creating a truely unique look.  To complete the outfit, we used only the finest brocade sashes along with our signature sandals for comfort.






We have also updated our Caste Kilt Line with the Assassin’s Kilt, the Merchant’s kilt and the Slaver’s Kilt.  Each kilt comes with a heavy leather belt, study pouches and various tools of the particular trade it represents.





We have also completed the Matching Caste Cloaks for the Assassin’s and Merchant Kilts.  Enjoy!